Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Weekend

As you know, I worked hell week on props and backstage crew for the Civic's production of "Curtains" - which opened last night. I actually got to sit in the audience and enjoy the show! It was so amazing. I can see it being something high schools do with the toned down verbiage.... this ones a little (okay a LOT) bawdy and very inappropriate for young'uns! But it opened to a full house and was spectacular. All the backstage people did a wonderful job and the actors were great! I had fun.

Tonight I'm House Manager, which according to John from the Fox Theatre is pretty much nothing except blinking the lights when it's time to go sit down. LOL....if it were that easy, why do they need someone then? And why am I so darned tired when I'm done? Oh well, I enjoy it and will continue on with it. I was actually not scheduled to manage tonight, but Wendell Banning, who is the senior manager there, is in the hospital, so they called me in. Best wishes to Wendell! I haven't heard an update yet, but I sure hope he's doing okay.

Larry and I both walked our miles this morning, I had oatmeal with blue berries for breakfast and while I got ready for work larry made some delicious chicken, mushrooms and onions with some horseradish sauce, for lunch. It was wonderful.

We had a wedding consultation today, a headshot previewing and one portrait session. So now we're just biding our time until we are done for the day! Weekends are always weird. We'll be changing our policy starting in February, to where we don't do weekends unless it's pre-paid. While this weekend everyone showed up and did what they needed to do, sometimes we have a Saturday booked solid and only half the people show up! Frustrating!

Okay, done for now. Just trying to keep up with my resolution of posting to a blog.....

Cheerios and Froot Loops...

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