Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's quite the challenge

Well, day two. I did in fact walk my two miles this morning. I do need new shoes, because I can feel that my stride is weird and I think it's from the wear on my shoes. (do I NEED a reason for new shoes?)

I am posting to my blog this morning, so the two things on my list are checked! Yay!

So today, right now, we are trying to figure out short and sweet wording for a display ad for Mobius Kids. We are partnering with them to do a year long fundraiser. I know no one knows about this blog yet, so I can't actually ask for help and input, but maybe by writing it out I can stumble onto something that will work.

We are giving the Mobius Kids membership a $50 discount on the session fee (or as we call them Creation Fee) and then the balance of the creation fee ($39) is donated to Mobius Kids. We're hoping to use the donations towards Mobius Kids Santa Breakfast in December to help pay for the Ballroom at the Davenport Hotel here in Spokane where they hold it every year.

We did Santa pix at the Mobius Santa Breakfast in 2009 and will do them this year too. We also did them for Clinkerdaggers and for the Spokane Civic Theatre. Believe me when I tell you the Santa makes a world of difference! The space allowed does too...

I'm posting my favorite Santa picture from this year, it was from Mobius Kids Breakfast with Santa at the Davenport Hotel. I love that Santa snuck behind the chair when the baby was scared of him and then just peeked over when it was time for the shot! What a great Santa! There may have been prettier pictures but the peeking santa was what made it for me.
Cheerios and Fruit Loops until next time!!!

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