Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's all in the timing...

Hi Everyone ~

I'm posting a maternity photo from a recent session. We are in the process of creating a maternity / newborn rack card for our Mall displays. Actually the creating is done, we are just waiting on the malls approval. The Mom to be featured has since given birth to a beautiful little baby girl.

So, what else do I have going? hmmmm...

Only two more days of tech rehearsal before the Spokane Civic Theatres production of "Curtains" opens!

I'm filling in for a friend of mine who is running props for the show. Her and her husband are in Cancun for a week. Unfortunately, I'm also filling in for her husband too! If I knew what I was doing, it wouldn't be as stressful, as it is I just do what I think I need to and take good notes. They come home tomorrow and let me tell you, tomorrow cannot possibly arrive soon enough! This show is awesome and I'm very sad I'm not working backstage the full run though. The cast is so great, I love them all.

On my walking resolution - I walked this morning. Two miles. Larry was just getting back from his walk when I left for mine. I did finish within a half hour though, so that felt good. The bad news.....Larry has lost 10 pounds since we started and I have lost none....but I feel better, so it's all good. Right?

My son Tohny called from College this afternoon. He and his wife Kayla just started back to school again (WSU) after the long winter break. He said he loves all his classes (with a qualifying "so far") and since this is his last semester before he graduates, I am relieved!

Chris is out taking some headshots in the camera room and I'm getting ready to leave for the theatre. Larry is at the house with the plumber fixing broken stuff...

I'm off to get done so I can leave now. Cheerios and Fruit Loops all!

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