Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Only two more hours...

Only two more hours until we are over the 'hump' today. We had a totally chaotic day yesterday here at the studio. Larry was out taking some commercial shots of the Rocket Bakerys (there are multiple locations you know!) for their website (he finished up at the Argonne store today - thank you Julie) Chris started the day with a wedding consult with the sweetest couple (yes they booked us) but that went long because it was supposed to just be an engagement photo consultation that ended up being a wedding consultation, so the Previewing we had set immediately following what we thought would be a half hour consult was late getting started, and THAT ran long, (at least they cried and laughed and loved the photos!) and the phone was ringing off the hook, and people were stopping by to pick up photos and was all just wonderful!! We like it busy! Just hope we didn't forget something in the rush.

I had one mom that emailed, panicked because while they took their photos just before they flew home to California, and I'd posted them for her, she was waiting for her hubby to get back from DC (military) to make final decisions, but lo and behold, preschool daughters class needed a family photo for school the next day! Of course I sent something, my brother did the same thing to me a couple weeks ago! I remember being panicked when that happened to me when the kids were little. It sucks feeling like the only unprepared and uncaring parent! And we know it's just not true. Sometimes life just happens.

The hubby and I went down to Pullman for dinner with Tohny and his wife Kayla this last weekend. We had a great time, though it was a short visit. Her dad is recovering from quadruple bypass surgery he had over the Christmas holiday. She says he's fine, but I was worried for her and her family. Good to hear he's doing great now. Anyhoo - Tohny and Kayla will head to Omak this weekend and they plan on coming to stay with us next weekend. We'll go see Curtains (the show Chris is in and stage manages) at the Civic theatre and maybe go prowling in some thrift stores or something. Nothing too strenuous or thought provoking, just some fun and relaxation. Larry bought a bed off of Craigslist for the spare room, so no more air mattress! That alone is worth celebrating! (those are just horrible)

Had dinner last night at the Catacombs Pub in downtown Spokane. It's right below the MontVale Hotel. All I can say is "Wow" - we had a bottle of wine, a cabernet from California called Falling Elm or something like that (some tree name) delicious. We had some baguetts with salsa and balsamic extract - again, delicious. Then we had a Mediterranian pizza, New York style they make and bake there in a stone oven. Chicken, garlic, onions, artichoke hearts and rosemary white sauce - totally to die for. Then we had another pizza - this time Barbecue Chicken (per our wonderful waitress Dallas' recommendation) it was such sweet bbq sauce it was almost like dessert.

Anyway, we had a great time, good food, wonderful new friends and then toured the MontVale Hotel. It is such a cool old place, they have it decorated with tons of super cool art. And comfy chairs and tables. I might go there just to sit and play cribbage sometime and enjoy a mocha or something. So add the MontVale to your list of hotels if you have friends coming to Spokane! It's right across the street from the Fox theatre and just around the corner from the Catacomb Pub.

Okay, thats enough for now! I'm hoping to actually get some followers someday...but for now, thanks to the lonely two I have, whether or not you read this, I appreciate your willingness to sign up! LOL Until next time - cheerios and froot loops!

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